How to maintain resin driveways

Resin driveway maintenanceResin bound surfacing can be a great option for a commercial property looking to provide the wow factor to anyone visiting. The surface is visually stunning, extremely durable and hard wearing and drains water naturally. 


Keeping your resin bound driveway in a high quality condition is important and like any other surface it will need to be cleaned and maintained. This is because you will want to clear away:


Compared to other driveway surfaces resin is relatively low maintenance and generally only requires brushing and cleaning with soapy water. These techniques will help prevent the issues mentioned.


A power jet washer is recommended to spray down the surface. Due to the natural drainage system formed by the surface no puddles will form. After this a stiff brush should be used to remove any remaining debris.


This maintenance should be carried out regularly to avoid a build-up of moss and debris while any severe spillages should be dealt with immediately to avoid long term surface damage.


If you require any advice on how to clean resin driveways or need assistance in doing so then please do not hesitate to contact us.