Get a patio this summerWith the summer months now well and truly upon us, it is time to fully engage with the outdoors and enjoy any nice weather which comes our way.


One way people can enjoy the warmer weather at home is through the use of a patio area in their garden. Having a beautiful outdoor space where you can relax away from the house is a great way to spend time with family and friends; without having to travel anywhere. 


As well as domestic patios, pubs and restaurants will be looking at improving their outdoor spaces, with many more people wishing to be positioned outside for social distancing reasons when visiting these venues. This could include upgrading and reconfiguring an existing patio, or installing a new one.


There are a few aspects to take into consideration when looking to install a patio:


  1. What is the purpose and size? – Is it going to be somewhere to escape from the inside world, or perhaps a stunning outdoor space to entertain guests with cocktail parties or barbeques? The answer to this will dictate the size and type of patio you will need. 
  2. What surface should you have? – There is a wide range of surface options which you can choose from. A commercial, retail or public space attracting a large footfall and potentially significant wear and tear will require a totally different installation solution to a quiet corner of a family garden. You will have choices of natural stones, such as yorkstone, granite and sandstone, bricks or concrete, as well as a host of other exciting options. It is well worth talking through your options with an expert to get the best use out of your patio area.
  3. The position of the patio – Do you want sun, shade or a bit of both? These are the sort of things you will need to think about before having your patio installed. If you are under a lot of trees, the leaf fall in the autumn could be large, but it could offer more privacy than being fully exposed. Getting the balance right for what you want is important.

As a professional patio specialist, Ross Solution Projects takes on assignments ranging from garden patios to restaurant terraces and from swimming pool surrounds to busy pedestrian areas at commercial premises. We would be delighted to hear about your patio enquiries.