Total Project External Completion

Ross Solution Projects has an exceptional range of in-house skills to offer our residential and commercial clients. This means that they have just one call to make in order to get a project team that can cover all aspects of external work to their private property or business premises.


The ability to design, install and maintain both hard and soft landscaping features offers major benefits for the client in terms of work scheduling and project coordination. This minimises disruption to work or leisure activities and makes for competitive costings.


Our landscaping and planting specialists can work in close cooperation with homeowners and business clients to produce creatively conceived outdoor spaces complemented by high quality block paving, resin or asphalt driveways. There is an exciting range of hard landscaping products, and the reasons for using them can be practical as well as aesthetic.


Meeting differing requirements


This was the case at a large scale multi-faceted project we carried out at a high quality residential care home for the elderly. A range of materials, such as brick, stone and asphalt surfacing were deployed in areas where the residents would walk and mingle. They were selected and laid specifically to prevent risks of slipping and falling while also enhancing the outdoor setting. These materials were also used in the parking area, creating a consistent and attractive look to the building’s external areas.


Asphalt driveways and parking areas are among the surfacing projects that this highly flexible material can used for, but it doesn’t stop there. Complemented by our road marking skills, we are able to undertake asphalt surfacing projects for highways and a range of other public areas.


These combined capabilities are also invaluable when it comes to laying sports areas and playground surfaces for schools requiring line marking expertise. A visit to our School Landscaping Services page will show how designs can be overlaid onto asphalt surfacing that can also be immensely appealing and entertaining for the children!


The experience and range of skills that Ross Solution Projects can offer in the total management and successful completion of external projects has gained us many satisfied residential and commercial clients across London and the Home Counties. They would testify that we are highly professional, helpful and committed to achieving outcomes that exceed their expectations.