Commercial landscaping and driveway specialists - London and the Home Counties

Your office and surroundings say a lot about you as a business. Shabby and unkempt will not inspire confidence in potential clients visiting your workplace.  Tidy, elegant and well planned outdoor spaces suggest self-assurance and will immediately put visitors at ease.


Our commercial landscaping specialists will spend time with you, helping to translate your ideas into detailed plans. Planting schemes, driveways surfacing options and ideas about hard landscaping spaces can all go into the mix to provide a cohesive and comprehensive final design.


Often the outside area which visitors see immediately upon arrival - and therefore the one that offers the biggest opportunity to make a favourable first impression – is the car park. Our car park surfacing services are suitable for all commercial establishments, whether that is a workplace, church, school or other institution. Having a smooth, accessbile and attractive car park will show visitors straight away that your premsises is somewhere they want to be. 


Once the build gets underway, our experienced site supervisors and their team of commercial landscape specialists will utilise project management principles to monitor delivery in terms of budget and timescales. At all times, you, the client, will be kept fully informed of progress.

Our commercial landscaping, driveway and surfacing services include:-


  • Landscape design
  • Groundworks and drainage
  • Landscape gardening
  • Driveways, using a range of different materials including resin, shingle and tarmac
  • Roadways
  • Permeable paving systems
  • Walling and brickwork
  • Solar and electric driveway lights
  • Sandstone block paving
  • Limestone block paving
  • Flagstone - Indian Sandstone for Patios & Driveways
  • Raised kerbs and steps
  • Road marking and marking removal
  • Car park surfacing

Residential Services

We're resourceful and dependable with many years of experience in landscaping, groundworks and all aspects of surfacing.

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Commercial Services

From the initial consultation and design, through to completion, we offer a top quality service to meet the every need of each of our customers.

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Landscaping Services

Ross Solution Projects has broad and detailed expertise in gardening and landscaping, and has been transforming public landscapes and private gardens for many years.

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