Should I tarmac my car park?

Tarmac surfaced car parks are commonly associated with public and commercial areas, but this surfacing material has excellent properties that makes it an attractive option for residential properties as well.

Whether it is a residential driveway that can hold one, two or three cars, a pub car park that can hold ten, or an out-of-town supermarket with parking for 500, tarmac is an ideal surface that is long lasting and cost efficient.

As our web page on Tarmac Drives explains: “Tarmacadam is a very popular material for surfacing driveways, forecourts and parking areas. It is competitively priced, low maintenance and offers a smart, clean and uniform finish.” 

We also describe the exciting variety of tarmac surfacing solutions and decorative features that can enhance outdoor areas adjacent to domestic housing or business premises, namely:

  • Red or black tarmacadam
  • Block paving borders with tarmacadam infill
  • Decorative chippings rolled into the surface
  • Mixed finishes
  • Tar and chip surfaces
  • Resin Bonding

Business and professional customers that ask us to “tarmac my car park” may frequently also require to make use of our line marking services. Offices, hospitals, schools, pubs, retail outlets and a whole range of other premises need their parking areas to be effectively organised with defined spaces to allow for the required number of vehicles to be easily and safely parked. 

Our highly qualified road and surface marking teams have extensive experience in carrying out frequently complex assignments to ensure that parking areas operate efficiently and with the safety of all users - drivers, pedestrians and people with disabilities – always being the major priority.

So, whether you’re running any kind of business or own a residential property and are considering whether to have a tarmac car park installed, please contact us for our friendly professional advice and support.