School environments play a pivotal role in the overall development of children. An often-overlooked aspect of these environments is the landscaping around school premises. Proper landscaping in schools extends beyond aesthetics; it has practical, psychological, and educational benefits.

Car Parks: Order and Safety

The first point of contact for most school visitors is the car park. Well-designed car parks are essential for ensuring safety and order. Proper landscaping in car parks includes clearly marked spaces, adequate lighting, and designated pedestrian pathways. Trees and shrubs can be strategically planted to provide shade, reduce glare from parked vehicles, and act as windbreaks. Additionally, greenery in car parks can help reduce the heat island effect, making the area cooler and more pleasant.

Landscaping also plays a role in traffic flow management. Roundabouts, speed bumps, and green dividers can guide traffic efficiently, reducing congestion and the risk of accidents. By creating a more organised and visually appealing car park, schools can enhance the first impression they make on students, parents, and visitors.

Playgrounds: Learning and Development

Playgrounds are the heart of any school’s outdoor space. Thoughtfully landscaped playgrounds provide children with opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play. Incorporating natural elements like trees, bushes, and grassy areas can create a more inviting and stimulating environment. These elements encourage children to explore and engage with nature, fostering a sense of curiosity and adventure.

tarmac playground with artificial grass area
New playground surfacing laid over half term for a school on Canvey Island, Essex (See on Instagram)

Soft landscaping, such as installing grass or artificial turf, provides a safe and comfortable surface for play. It reduces the risk of injuries compared to hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. Moreover, natural playgrounds that include elements like sand, water, and wood allow for more creative play and sensory experiences, contributing to children’s cognitive and emotional development.

Rubber Mulch installed by Ross Solution Projects
Rubber Mulch laid at a school in Watford (See on Instgram)

Driveways: Functionality and Aesthetics

Driveways are crucial for ensuring smooth access to and from school premises. Well-landscaped driveways enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Paved pathways, bordered by flower beds or neatly trimmed hedges, provide a clear and attractive route for vehicles and pedestrians. Proper signage and plantings can guide traffic flow and reduce confusion during peak hours.
Landscaping around driveways also contributes to environmental benefits. Permeable paving solutions, combined with green strips, can help manage storm water runoff, reducing the risk of flooding and waterlogging. Additionally, the integration of native plants and trees along driveways can promote local biodiversity and create a more welcoming school entrance.

Soft Landscaping: Creating a Positive Environment

Soft landscaping involves the use of living elements like plants, trees, and grass to create a natural and soothing environment. In schools, soft landscaping can transform the site into a green oasis, offering numerous benefits. Green spaces improve air quality by filtering pollutants and producing oxygen. They also provide shade, reducing the need for artificial cooling and lowering energy costs.

Soft landscaping can be an educational tool. School gardens and outdoor classrooms offer hands-on learning opportunities in subjects like biology, ecology, and environmental science. They also promote sustainability and teach students about the importance of caring for the environment.

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Investing in school landscaping is about creating a safe, functional, and enriching environment for students, staff, and visitors. From the practical benefits in car parks and driveways to the developmental advantages in playgrounds and the holistic improvements from soft landscaping, thoughtful landscape design can profoundly impact the educational experience.
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