Resin DrivewaysFinding the right surface for your driveway requirements is important as it will avoid complications down the line and provide you with the ideal solution for your property.  


When searching for different surfacing options, two of the most likely choices you will come across are resin and block paving. We can help you decide which surface is best suited to your driveway needs by explaining the pros and cons of each.


Resin driveways


Resin bound surfaces are made by mixing resin and aggregates together, and they are proven to be highly adaptable and very reliable surfacing solutions.




  • Aesthetic appearance: Resin bound driveways can come in a wide range of colours, offering endless design opportunities. 
  • Low cost: Compared with other surfacing solutions, resin driveways are relatively inexpensive, supplying you with a competitively priced, dependable solution. If installed properly, a resin surface can withstand heavy loads without cracking or sinking.

Points to note


  • Moss growth: Driveways can suffer from unwanted moss and weed growth and resin surfaces can become slippery if too much moss is allowed to grow on them. However, with the correct maintenance, this can easily be avoided.
  • No official regulations: The lack of regulatory rulings for laying resin bound driveways mean it is important to hire professionals that are known to offer high quality services and are accredited to provide them. We suggest checking the online profile of any business offering to install a resin bound driveway and ask to view in person examples of work they have done.


Block Paving driveways


Block paving drivewaysOver the years the market for block paving has expanded immensely, as has the block paving manufacturing sector, which has consequently resulted in there being a wide range of products available today.




  • Easy to replace: If individual blocks get damaged, then they can be lifted and replaced without effecting the rest of the driveway.
  • Distinctive designs: The small shapes allow you to curve and slope them to create something more aesthetically interesting than other materials such as concrete. This offers an attractive finish to set off your property. 


Points to note:


  • Regular maintenance: To stop weeds from growing between individual blocks, the paving will need to be cleaned frequently and repointed occasionally.
  • Specialist blocks are expensive: Certain blocks can be expensive, such as tumbles or neutral stone colours.


At Ross Solution Projects, our team of driveway surfacing experts are on hand to discuss the options with you. If you have any questions at all, we would be glad to hear from you.