The USGS (United States Geological Survey) has produced a study on the potential benefits of permeable pavements over impervious surfacing materials in preventing flood and erosion damage. It describes a permeable pavement as: "A porous urban surface composed of open pore pavers, concrete, or asphalt with an underlying stone reservoir." 


It continues: "Permeable pavement catches precipitation and surface runoff, storing it in the reservoir while slowly allowing it to infiltrate into the soil below or discharge via a drain tile. The most common uses of permeable pavement are parking lots, low-traffic roads, sidewalks, and driveways."


Permeable paving is well worth considering as a practical and eco-friendly option for the external areas of both commercial and residential properties. Through natural filtration into the soil, it will reduce surface water and puddles. On a more significant level, it can prove to be a major asset in flood prevention and relieve pressure on the local drainage system.


At the other end of the scale, if surface materials such as concrete and asphalt are laid in the conventional way they will absorb heat. This can lead to areas of unwanted rises in temperature being formed which a permeable paving installation would alleviate.


How does it work?


A permeable surface is based on a grid system configuration which is then filled with a recyclable resin bound material. Large areas can be covered in a short time, so the installation can be undertaken with minimum disruption to the occupants of a premises. The integral flexibility of a permeable system makes it very durable, so unlike some conventional surfacing, it will not develop surface cracks due to pressure from heavy vehicles and loads.


Permeable paving can be a very attractive option for temporary as well as permanent surfacing, being as easy to remove as it is to lay. Ross Solution Projects is highly experienced in planning and installing aesthetically pleasing and durable permeable paving and surfacing areas. They can be ideal for the driveways, parking facilities and other external spaces at businesses, private housing, schools and a variety of different requirements.


If you would like to discuss this environmentally friendly surfacing option with our experts, then please contact us at any time.