Helping the environmentBetween 31 October and 12 November this year the COP26 summit is taking place in Glasgow, with the aim of bringing climate change under control. It is designed to get parties around the world together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


While it will ultimately be down to the governments around the globe to help combat climate change, there are small things which the general public can do to help, starting at home in the garden.


The following suggestions can be easy to implement in your garden and can help to reduce the human impact on the environment. Here are some ways which you can use your garden to help the environment:


  • Save water: Containing rainfall within a water butt saves having to keep using water from the tap and damaging the ecosystem. If a water butt is full, then use buckets to source as much rainfall as possible. 
  • Plant more trees: If there is enough space in your garden, plant a tree or several of them to attract more wildlife. As well as this they will help reduce pollution in the air via the process of oxygenic photosynthesis.
  • Choose the right plants: Native plants will have the best chance of survival and require less water than those from warmer climates. Plants requiring less resources can help a garden be more self-sustaining and healthy. 
  • Use natural fertilizers and herbicides: This will prevent any unneeded toxins entering your soil.
  • Create your own compost: It is easy to create your own organic compost which does not rely on synthetic or artificial fertilizers. As well as this, using left over food for compost rather than sending it to a landfill site can have many environmental benefits. 


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