Block paving driveway maintenanceWith any surface, a level of maintenance is required to maintain a good upkeep of the product.


Some stains are harder to remove than others. Oil spills can be difficult to remove. We would recommend a product called LeoTack, which is applied with a stiff hand brush. In extreme cases, blocks can be lifted and replaced.


Here is some advice on how to maintain your block paving driveway:


  • Sweep occasionally with a stiff brush to remove dust and debris.
  • If you find green moss appearing on the surface, it can easily and without damage, be removed by cleaning with a mild detergent.
  • We recommend that block paving is treated once or twice a year with a general weed killer. This will ensure all moss is removed on a long term basis.
  • Use of a pressure washer should be limited to very dirty surfaces and no more than once a year, as the high-power water jet loosens jointing and may damage some paving.


When the surface has been laid, a kiln dried sand is gently swept into the surface. Should the "gaps" reappear in time, then a gentle sweep of the kiln dried sand should be applied (sourced from any builders’ merchants).


For block paving driveway maintenance there are a wide range of sealants available to protect the completed paving and these can help to repel oil, dirt and weeds. Always try a test area first as most sealants will alter the appearance of the blocks.


There are natural elements which can also cause a stain on the blocks, such as efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white crystalline deposit that occurs naturally on the surface of concrete materials. Unfortunately, with this being a natural process we cannot foresee this occurring. If it occurs, efflorescence may mask the colour of the product for a period of time, but tends to be washed away gradually by rain and day to day use. 


For any further information you might need regarding block paving driveway maintenance, please contact us now