outdoor learningOutdoor Classroom Day is a global movement to inspire and celebrate outdoor play and learning at school. This year the dates which teachers will take their classes outside are 19th May and 3rd November. The goals of the campaign are:


  1. Outdoor learning is part of every school day  
  2. A consistent minimum target for recess/playtime  
  3. Schools to advocate for more time outdoors


Schools are continuously looking to bring the classroom outdoors in new and innovative ways by commissioning special outdoor classrooms using creative seating arrangements, making the most of any available shade and planning zones to facilitate new ways of learning.


There are many benefits to being outside regularly, including:


  • Developing key skills for life
  • Gaining a better understanding of the environment
  • Enhancing engagement with learning
  • Increasing physical and mental health


Here at Ross Solution Projects we have completed many different school landscaping projects and we firmly believe that a school’s outdoor area can have further important uses. Not only is it a place for exercise and play, it can be as important to the learning experience as well. 


When carrying out our school landscaping services we understand the importance of tailoring the equipment to the specific needs of the school to allow the facilities to be fully taken advantage of. Our team are fully trained to provide a safe and secure playground installation, creating an enticing environment where children will be inspired. 


We wish the Outdoor Classroom Day 2022 every success and believe that having a safe and exciting outdoor space to learn in is important for the development of school children.