Protect your outdoor space this winterWinter is coming. The prospect of harsher weather conditions increases the chances of damage to road and patio surfaces. If neglected, these parts of your property can get severely damaged leading to costly repairs and the unnecessary annoyance of not being able to use them properly. Here are some useful tips and pointers to ensure that your driveways and patios do not succumb to the cold and wet weather. 



  • Making sure that your driveway is in top condition before the cold weather sets in will go a long way to protecting it. Filling in any cracks and potholes will ensure that these issues do not become any worse over the coming months.
  • If you are unable to cover all of the cracks, and snow does happen to fall, it is best practice to shovel it off as soon as it hits. Major issues can arise from freezing and thawing snow and should be avoided where possible. Removing as much snow as possible will limit the effect it can have on your driveway.
  • Cleaning a driveway on a regular basis, removing stains and digging out any weeds will help with maintaining your driveway and preparing it for the winter. Driveways can become messy during the winter with scattered sticks and leaves, and it is important to keep your outside space looking clean and tidy. 



  • With damper conditions, moss begins to grow at an alarming rate, which can cover a patio. It does not look good and can become a slip hazard once it becomes wet. It is recommended to remove any moss to avoid this from happening.
  • As with driveways, it is important to fill existing cracks to prevent them getting worse. This issue is caused by general weathering and freeze thawing. Larger cracks can also be trip hazards, and therefore should be avoided. 

Whether looking to enhance curb appeal, keep your garden in good health for the spring or generally wanting to maintain your outside space, following these tips can help maintain your driveways and patios. If any problems occur along the way, then please contact our team today.