Commercial grounds and gardens are important to maintain as people like to spend time outside and having well-kept grounds can enhance the look of a building. When the sun is shining, outdoor areas can be utilised by staff to take their lunch outside, or students may want to take time out between university lectures and relax on the lawn. However, if outside spaces do not look inviting then staff and guests may prefer to stay inside, or not visit at all. 

Tips for looking after outdoor commercial spaces


Looking after an outdoor commercial space can be just as important as looking after a building. This is because the external grounds are probably the first thing people see when visiting somewhere and therefore it is vital to make a great first impression. Here are some tips if you would like to take care of your outside space:


  1. Power washing: If you have a patio area which has become discoloured, or have trouble making a path with a high footfall look presentable, regular power washing can help with this. These devices, if used correctly, can remove months’ worth of grime along with other stains, without causing damage.
  2. Hedge care: Hedges can be hard to maintain and can quickly get out of control if left unkempt. A neatly pruned hedge sometimes goes unnoticed, but an uncut dishevelled hedge certainly draws the eye and gives the wrong impression to visitors. Trimming and pruning a hedge regularly can present the view that a company cares about where they work, and will therefore care about their work as well.
  3. Tackle weeds: Weeding is a constant job, especially through the summer months, and can take up a lot of time. However keeping on top of weed growth can make an outdoor area look a lot nicer. Although it can be very time consuming, tackling weeds in all outdoor spaces can keep the gardens looking well maintained and presentable. 

At Ross Solution Projects


Here at Ross solution projects our commercial garden maintenance team have the knowledge and skills to keep your property in safe hands all year round. We can develop a unique maintenance plan for each building we work with to ensure their needs and requirements are met. 


We pride ourselves on being top quality landscaping specialists and always taking close attention to detail to ensure that your outside space stands out from afar. If you want to keep your grounds neat and tidy, but do not have enough time to commit to a fully maintaining them on your own, our team would be happy to help. Please contact us now to find out more