Choosing the right driveway for your home can be daunting challenge. With so many factors playing a part, how can you tell which material to use that best suits your needs?

We’ve come up with a few insights into how to choose the right driveway for you, looking at the benefits, and drawbacks of each.




Resin surface by Ross Projects - July 2017Resin bound driveways have many aspects that work in their favour. To start with, having a resin driveway can immediately modernise your home and enhance the appearance of any house. With a wide range of colours and blends it can work with your landscaping to bring out the best of your property.

Furthermore, there are no drainage issues! The make-up of resin allows water to drain through it, leaving no puddles on your newly installed driveway. It is also relatively cost effective, quick to install, and as low maintenance as they come.

However, those thinking about using resin, should take into consideration the type of resin that should be applied. If you want a darker finish, or are going for a darker stone, protection from UV is less important. Comparably, if you are looking for a lighter resin finish, be careful to use a resin that offers UV protection. As well as this, if your driveway is regularly trafficked with heavy or large vehicles it could wear away the resin, or leave marks on the surface. 

In short, unless your driveway has large or heavy vehicles accessing it, this material could be just the right fit.

Image: Resin surfacing laid by Ross Projects, July 2017





Tarmac laid by Ross projects, August 2017
Tarmac, Taramacadam, Bitmac or Asphalt driveways are one of the most commonly used, probably because there are many positives to installing this surface. Tarmac driveways are a cost effective way to enhance your property, and can usually be done within one day. As well as this, tarmac is durable and can last for years if properly maintained.

If you have a small driveway, or one that is awkwardly shaped however, tarmac could be an issue. One of the drawbacks of installing a tarmac driveway is the maintenance that comes with it. If not properly maintained, it can lead to cracked surfaces and poor drainage – however if installed properly, this shouldn’t become an issue.

So if you’re looking for a cheap and quick fix for your driveway, tarmac could be the right solution for you.

Image: Tarmac laid by Ross projects, August 2017


Block Paving

Block paving by Ross, September 2017
Block paving has become increasingly popular over the recent years, with one of the main reasons, being the choice of block now available to the everyday household. The colours, range of patterns, and way in which they can be lain can make this driveway standout and complement your property.

A further benefit that block paving has, is its longevity, which can often beat even tarmac driveways. It can also be easily repaired, and look just as good! One of the major drawbacks of installing block paving on your driveway, is the time and cost. This is because block paving involves hand selecting a range of blocks, and then levelling the ground in order to create the best effect – a time consuming effort.

However, if you have the means, block paving can be one of the most visually enhancing driveways for any home.

Image: Block paving driveway laid by Ross Projects, September 2017