It’s no surprise to learn that housing prices have fallen by almost a third in some parts of the UK, with the number of housing sales plummeting by 7% in 2016. Places such as Westminster and Hull have seen over a 55% fall in sales over the past decade, whereas places such as Hertfordshire have seen falls of 30% in the number of transactions.

With this in mind, the motivation to increase the value on your property is rising, with many renovating their homes at a fraction of the cost of the value it will add to their capital. First impressions are key, whether it be buying, selling or moving – so it makes sense that installing the right driveway can have a huge impact the value of your home.

Not only can creating the right driveway improve these important first impressions, but it can also add to the functionality of having an extra car space. 

So, which driveway can improve your home, in a cost effective and easy manner?

  1. Resin: Resin driveways can be an eye-catching feature to have on your property, and with their quick installation, and cost effective process, these driveways could greatly enhance your property.


  1. Paver: A paver driveway can make any house look impressive and appealing. The enormous range of design, colours and patterns means you can select a scheme that suits your property. Although slightly more expensive, it can add huge value and buyer appeal to your home.


  1. Asphalt: Asphalt driveways are simple, cheap and easy to install. They also give your driveway a smooth and clean cut look. Although it does take some maintenance, it more than makes up for this with its quick installation.


  1. Concrete: it might not be the prettiest, however it can add value to your home with its versatility, durability and low-maintenance benefits.