potholes can be repaired by Ross Solution Projects LtdIt is good news that in his 2018 Budget the Chancellor Philip Hammond has allocated an extra £420 million for helping local councils to rid their roads of potholes. While the Asphalt Industry Alliance is claiming that “more than £8 billion would be needed to carry out a one-time catch-up to bring local roads in England up to scratch,”  this additional funding will at least go some way towards rectifying the problem.

Potholes can be formed by water seeping through existing cracks caused by heavy traffic to an aging road surface. If the water freezes in cold weather, it will expand and the cracks will enlarge. The recent extreme fluctuations in weather and temperature have worsened an already bad situation, not least in the London, Hertfordshire and Home Counties areas where we carry out most of our projects for commercial and residential clients. Roads where the surfaces laid are too weak to withstand the levels of traffic using them are particularly vulnerable.

Tarmac surfacing on driveways and parking areas may also be subject to cracks and potholes if not properly maintained and/or used for purposes not intended for when originally laid. For instance, in our advice on Driveway Maintenance we warn against parking heavy vehicles or apparatus on areas where indentations could be caused in asphalt surfaces.

Materials and skills fit for purpose

The best way to stop potholes forming is to catch them at an early stage by repairing surface cracks when they appear. Ross Solution Projects has a broad range of experience in highway maintenance and in related services such as road marking. This work has to be carried out to a high level of quality and with a skilful use of materials in order to support vital road safety objectives.

We also offer a wide variety of specialist surface materials for both public and private areas, complemented by our specialist knowledge of correct surface marking protocols. This has allowed us to handle outdoor projects ranging from school playgrounds to business car parks and from sports courts to specialist anti-skid surfacing.

Unfortunately, this country’s road infrastructure has suffered from neglect, as have many facilities such as car parks. At Ross Solution Projects, we have the commitment and expertise to fully restore these essential public utilities to optimum condition.