The importance of road drainage

During the installation of commercial driveways and car parks it is important to consider what drainage will be required to avoid flooding. Large puddles can increase the risk of skidding and make surfaces unsafe to drive on.


The construction of new surfaces can affect the natural drainage pattern previously in place, especially on slopes. Therefore the provision for adequate drainage facilities must be part of all commercial projects where a new surface such as a driveway or car park is being installed.


The importance of road surface drainage cannot be understated. This is because the presence of excess water on a road can cause damage once it gets into the pores of the surface. Therefore road drainage is essential for:


  • Safety: Surface water on roads make them harder to drive on and during the winter can freeze resulting in icy conditions. When this happens driving becomes more dangerous and drainage can help reduce the risk of this happening. 
  • Avoiding frost heave: Frost heaves demonstrate poor drainage and cause cracks and unevenness to form on a surface. Having a high quality drainage system in place will reduce the risk and impact of frost heaves. 

Here at Ross Solution Projects we have extensive experience in laying commercial driveways and car parks and are able to deal with any drainage issues that we might come across. This will increase the usage you can get from your new surface while keeping staff and visitors as safe as possible when driving.


Furthermore we are always mindful of the fact that the company driveway and car park will frequently be the first impression that visitors will take in about a business. Therefore drainage is a high priority factor for us when undertaking commercial projects. If you would like to talk to a road surfacing and drainage specialist, please get in touch.