What do commercial landscape companies do?

Commercial landscaping is all about the planning, design, installation and maintenance of a business’s outdoor space. Creating an attractive area around a commercial property will help create a pleasant atmosphere and make it appear welcoming from the outside to visitors. 


With a commercial property it is important the outside space reflects the values of the business. Commercial landscapers are able to use their knowledge and skills to create a space which will do just that.


Their job involves:


  • Finding the right solution for you: Working to a budget, they will be able to design and implement a solution which works for you. Understanding what surfaces are needed to fit the environment is important and every requirement will be taken into account. 
  • Dealing with overgrown areas: Commercial landscapers are able to clear any areas which are unpleasing to the eye and are badly overgrown. Doing this can not only make the exterior of a building more appealing, but can allow more natural light into the space. 
  • Softening of harsh architectural lines: Using the right plants in the right places can help soften harsh angles and enhance the overall aesthetics of an outdoor space. Bringing a subtle balance to landscape features can transform unappealing layouts. 

Ross Solution Projects has broad and detailed expertise in gardening and landscaping and has been transforming commercial landscapes and outdoor areas for many years. We offer a complete range of design, landscape construction and planting services, as well as gardening and grounds maintenance.


Our services cater for a range of commercial buildings such as:


  • Office blocks
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals and Care Homes 

If you are looking to improve the outdoor space surrounding your commercial building then our experts would be delighted to hear from you.