Block paving driveway maintenance

Professional block paving driveway maintenance is required to maintain a good upkeep of the surface. Over time surfaces can become stained and unappealing to the eye. Certain stains, such as oil spills, can be harder to remove than others. 


In this case, our team of block paving driveway maintenance experts would recommend a product called LeoTack, which is applied with a stiff hand brush. In worst case scenarios, blocks can be lifted and replaced.


When maintaining a block paving driveway we would recommend:


  • Sweeping it occasionally with a stiff brush to remove dust and debris.
  • Treating your block paving driveway once or twice a year with a general weed killer. 
  • That the use of a pressure washer should be limited to very dirty surfaces and no more than once a year, as the high-power water jet loosens jointing and can easily damage the paving.

Here at Ross Solution Projects, when we lay a block paving driveway, a kiln dried sand is gently swept into the surface. Should the "gaps" reappear in time, then an extra load of sand should be applied to fill the gaps in. 


For block paving driveway maintenance there are a number of different sealants available to protect the completed paving and these can help to repel oil, dirt and weeds. Our experts will be able to apply the best solution and will always try a test area first as most sealants will alter the appearance of the blocks.


There are also natural elements which can adversely affect the appearance of block paving, such as efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white crystalline deposit that occurs naturally on the surface of the blocks. 


If this happens it is something which should not be worried about too much.


This is because even though efflorescence may mask the colour of the product for a period of time, it tends to be washed away gradually by rain and day to day use. 


If you require any assistance regarding block paving driveway maintenance, please contact us now