Commercial landscaping projects

Commercial landscaping is a service that involves planning, design, installation and maintenance of an outdoor area of a business. There is a lot of skill and thought behind the work undertaken by professional commercial landscapers to ensure a commercial space meets business requirements and has a large curb appeal. 


Here at Ross our team of commercial landscaping experts will be able to complete any project, big or small, and will work on:


  • Planning – The early stages of any commercial landscaping project is crucial to its success. Clear and detailed plans will give our team a blue print to work to and allow us to keep within budget.
  • Design – The design stage will entail the use of our creative skills to create a vison for your business that will look aesthetically pleasing and appear welcoming to visitors. 
  • Installation – The installation of a commercial project will involve the use of a vast range of plants, materials and personnel to ensure that the design is created right down to the last detail.
  • Maintenance – Once a commercial landscaping project is complete, it should not be left to rot. Regular maintenance work will be required to keep an outdoor space looking clean and tidy. 


Benefits of commercial landscaping


The work our team carried out across a wide range of commercial properties brings a host of advantages to businesses. These include improved:


  • Safety – Improving driveways, car parks and pathways around a workplace will increase safety and reduce the chance of accidents occurring.
  • Employee health and wellbeing – Providing a workforce with a pleasant working environment can improve morale and productivity. It has also been proven that being able to look at plants or trees can reduce stress.
  • Property value – Increased curb appeal can increase the value of a property, which will help a business if they are ever looking to sell their building. 


If you are the owner of a commercial property and would like to take advantage of these benefits from our commercial landscaping service, then please contact us now