Resin bound footpath solutions

Resin bound footpaths are a popular and innovative choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of commercial spaces. These durable and visually appealing pathways offer a range of benefits, making them an excellent option for various applications, from shopping centres and business parks to public squares and educational establishments.


One of the primary advantages of resin bound footpaths in commercial spaces is their versatility in design. The resin bound system allows for the creation of a seamless surface with a wide array of colour options and customisable patterns. This flexibility enables businesses to integrate their branding or theme seamlessly into the outdoor environment, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a corporate campus looking to maintain a professional appearance or a retail space aiming for a vibrant and engaging ambiance, resin-bound footpaths provide an ideal solution.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, resin bound footpaths offer exceptional durability. The mixture of high-quality resin and aggregates creates a robust surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions. This durability is particularly crucial in commercial settings, where pathways are subjected to constant use and exposure to the elements. The low maintenance requirements of resin bound footpaths further contribute to their cost-effectiveness over the long term, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to minimise upkeep expenses.


Another notable feature of resin bound footpaths is their permeability. The porous nature of the surface allows rainwater to drain through, preventing water puddles and reducing the risk of accidents. This is a crucial safety consideration for commercial spaces, where liability concerns are of the upmost importance. 


In terms of accessibility, resin bound footpaths provide a smooth and even surface, making them wheelchair-friendly and suitable for people with mobility challenges. This inclusivity is crucial for commercial spaces, ensuring that all visitors and employees can navigate the environment safely and comfortably.


At Ross Solution Projects our resin bound footpath solutions offer a winning combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, permeability, and accessibility for commercial spaces. The ability to customise designs, coupled with the low maintenance requirements and sustainable drainage benefits, makes them a sound investment for businesses seeking to create welcoming and functional outdoor environments. To find out more about our resin bound footpath solutions please contact us now