Resin bound surfacing

Resin bound surfacing is an innovative solution which involves mixing aggregates and resin to create a long lasting and durable surface. Different gravels can be used to create motifs, logos, markings or property numbers – all completely seamlessly – to match corporate branding and personal preferences. 


Resin bound surfacing is a highly adaptable material that can be used to create:


Resin bound driveways


A resin bound driveway can help set the tone for a home. An attractive driveway can transform the outside of a property and enhance kerb appeal. There are several reasons why a company or homeowner may want a resin bound driveway, including the facts that the surface:


Is permeable: Resin Bound surfaces are permeable and allow water to drain easily. This helps with drainage of an area and reduces the risk of flooding. 


Provides long lasting results: When installing a driveway, it is important that it provides value for money and lasts a long time. A resin bound surface is incredibly strong and durable and will remain so for many years.


Is easy to maintain: A resin surface requires relatively low maintenance, giving a business or homeowner less stress and providing them more time to focus on other activities. If it is maintained correctly it can be resistant to weeds, and higher quality resin systems are also resistant to petrol or oil spills.


Resin bound car parks


Car parks are generally the first place an impression can be made on visitors. Therefore, having a smooth, clean, and decorative surface can be important. Whether a resin surface is needed to replace an older surface, or a whole new car park is being installed, the job can be done using this low maintenance surfacing option. 


Resin bound surfacing offers a strong and highly durable surfacing option for driveways and car parks. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, this decorative surface could be just what you need to enhance the appeal of your property. 


Here at Ross our experienced resin bound surfacing team will be able to install a driveway or car park to suit your requirements. Our resin bound driveways and car parks are available in a wide range of paving blends which can complement your existing exterior colour scheme. Please contact us now to find out more.