School playground maintenance

School playgrounds are great places for students to unwind between classes and let off steam. They are essential safe places where children can play games, relax and use equipment while developing their cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. Having less time to enjoy the playground can negatively impact the development of children and should be avoided as this area within a school offers a great opportunity to enhance their problem solving skills


Syeda Sazia Zaman and Ferdousi Khanom from the BRAC Institute of Educational Development said: “Play is very natural for children around the world and it is a really important tool for children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development and also their imagination and creativity.”


With the school playground potentially having such an important role to play in the development of children, it is crucial that these facilities are well maintained so that they can be used and enjoyed by pupils throughout the school year. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment through school playground maintenance will be a top priority for schools and other educational establishments. 


Educational establishments have a legal and moral responsibility of care to children using their playground and equipment and they should abide to EN1176 playground equipment standards. The British Standards Institution says that “equipment supplied labelled to BS EN 1176, installed, inspected and maintained to that standard provides the safety assurance for concerned operators and parents, wherever their children are playing.”


At Ross Solution Projects our wide range of school playground surfacing and equipment knowledge helps create and maintain an exciting but safe environment in which children can play and learn all year round. Our services cover a multitude of playground equipment, as well as cleaning and repairing damaged surfaces of all materials. 


We use our extensive experience of working with schools and educational establishments; working with them to transform initial concepts and ideas on paper to safe and inspiring hard and soft landscapes, as well as ensuring they are consistently well maintained to provide a safe and enticing outdoor space where students can continue to learn and enjoy themselves. If you would like to find out more about our school playground maintenance services then please get in touch today