School Playground Surfaces

Schools like to look at methods that take the classroom outdoors in new and innovative ways. They will look at utilising as much outdoor space as possible to plan lessons and create different learning environments for their students. Here at Ross, we like to help schools have outdoor spaces that are as flexible as possible – spaces that can be used not only for playing but also for learning in the open air. We do this through the installation and maintenance of a multitude of different school playground surfaces. 


At Ross Solution Projects our skills and knowledge can be used to create school playground surfaces that bring ideas to life. There is a lot of work involved in a school playground surfacing project, and it is important no aspect is rushed or left out. 


We understand that it is vital for school playground surfaces to be safe for children to use and that they can become places where they can have fun. Schools will want the surfaces used to look inviting and to help encourage kids to learn while being outside. 


Schools have a wide range of surfaces to choose from when designing a playground. Through in-depth discussions with us, they can be sure to choose the best surfaces to achieve their vision of outdoor learning and fun.


Using bright and vibrant colours can turn a blank space into a fun and educational zone and our school landscape specialists will be able to carry out line painting to help create a truly unique experience for children.


As school playground surfacing experts, our team is able to tailor our playground surfaces for individual requirements and provide exactly what is needed. We do this by ensuring we fully understand the goals of each project undertaken and can help enhance the areas around a school playground surface so that it can be used to best effect. 


We will help schools make the most of their outdoor space and facilitate new ways of learning. By using our extensive knowledge in designing, installing and maintaining playground surfaces, we can create truly fantastic areas for children to enjoy for many years. If you are looking for a school playground surfacing company, then please contact us now