School Playground Surfacing

When installing playground surfacing, it is vital that it will be safe for children to use and a place where they can have fun. Furthermore, schools will want their outdoor areas to look inviting and become a place where children will want to learn.


There are many different surface options to choose from, and there will also be the chance for line painting. Line painting on a playground surface can help create a truly unique experience for children. By designing a bright and colourful area, you can turn a blank space into a fun and educational zone. 


Here at Ross Solution Projects our wide range of school playground surfacing options help to create a safe and exciting environment where children are able to play and learn. As school playground surfacing experts, our team is able to tailor our school playground surfaces for individual requirements. Our aim is to supply schools with exactly what they need.  


With schools increasingly looking to bring the classroom outdoors in new and innovative ways, we make sure we fully understand the requirements of each school we work with. By commissioning special outdoor classrooms using creative seating arrangements, making the most of any available shade and planning zones, we help to facilitate new ways of learning. 


Our extensive knowledge in creating playground surfaces for schools helps bring their creations to life. If you are looking for a school playground surfacing company, then please contact us now