Surfacing solutions for sports centres

Sports centres play a vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and fostering a sense of community among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. To ensure these facilities are safe, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing, surfacing solutions are of paramount importance. The right surfacing solutions can enhance all areas of sports centres, such as the sports courts themselves, but also car parks and pathways. 


Sports Courts and Line Marking


Sports courts form the heart of any sports centre, catering to various activities such as basketball, tennis, football, and more. Achieving optimal performance on these courts requires careful consideration of surfacing materials and line marking.


For sports like basketball and tennis, acrylic or polyurethane-based surfaces are popular choices due to their resilience, traction, and shock-absorption properties. These surfaces offer players the necessary grip to perform quick movements without compromising safety. Additionally, they can withstand heavy usage and weather exposure, making them ideal for outdoor sports courts.


Furthermore, precise line marking is critical for defining boundaries and ensuring fair play. Sports centres must use high-quality paint or tape for marking lines, ensuring visibility, durability, and adherence to international regulations and standards. Laser-guided line marking systems can also be employed for accuracy and consistency in line markings, contributing to a professional and polished appearance.


Car Parks


The car park is often the first point of contact for visitors to a sports centre. Ensuring a well-designed and properly surfaced car park is essential to create a positive first impression and enhance overall user experience. Permeable surfacing, such as porous asphalt, can be employed to prevent surface water runoff and reduce the risk of flooding. This not only promotes sustainability but also enhances safety by preventing slip hazards during wet weather.


Moreover, incorporating clearly marked pedestrian walkways in the car park is crucial for directing foot traffic and ensuring the safety of pedestrians. Implementing durable and slip-resistant surfacing materials in these areas is essential to minimise accidents and promote accessibility.




Pathways serve as arteries connecting various amenities within the sports centre. From the entrance to the changing rooms, to spectator stands, and even connecting different sports courts, the pathways should be designed for easy navigation. Materials like rubberised surfacing or resin-bound gravel can provide a comfortable and slip-resistant surface for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. These materials are also visually appealing and can complement the surrounding landscape.


For pathways exposed to excessive foot traffic or wheeled equipment, like maintenance vehicles, it's crucial to opt for durable and high-strength surfacing solutions. Regular maintenance of these pathways is equally important to ensure their longevity and continued functionality.


Our surfacing Solutions


Surfacing solutions significantly impact the safety, accessibility, and overall experience of sports centre users. From well-designed car parks with permeable surfaces to pathways that ensure easy navigation and comfort, and sports courts with durable and precisely marked lines, every aspect plays a crucial role.


Here at Ross Solution Projects we will use our experience and extensive resources to complete a resurfacing project for your sports centre. To discuss your requirements please contact us