Tarmac a drive

Tarmac is a surface commonly used for installing driveways and is known to be durable, strong and resilient to a heavy load of traffic. Businesses and home owners wanting a long lasting solution for their driveway may consider tarmac the best surfacing option to use.


This is because tarmac is a reliable road surface which can withstand all conditions and installations can be carried out by professional road surfacing companies. From planning to implementation, every detail of a driveway installation will be thought about so the correct solution is provided. 


Here at Ross Solution Projects, we have successfully installed many driveways using this versatile material, using it to enhance the outdoor area of any commercial and private property. Our specialist driveways team have installed hundreds of driveways using tarmac and fully understand the preparation required for this surface and how to create the best final outcome for clients. 


Why choose tarmac for a driveway?


Tarmac driveways help to enhance commercial premises and private properties and make them more visually appealing, offering a welcoming location for visitors. This surfacing option is competitively priced, low maintenance and offers a smart, clean and consistent finish. It fits different aspirations and we have worked with clients wanting a wide scope of tarmac driveway outcomes. 


We provide a high quality range of tarmac driveway solutions. For example, our skilled installation team can provide the perfect finish to a driveway using decorative kerb stones, block paved edging and cobbles to finish the job to perfection.  


If you are looking to tarmac a driveway to make your property more attractive, the options to consider could include: 


  • Red or black tarmac
  • Adding borders with tarmac infill
  • Using decorative chippings rolled into the tarmac surface
  • Mixed finishes for added texture

If your business or home has a driveway that lacks curb side appeal, is worn out or full of pot-holes, then it may be time for a new one to be installed. Our experienced and knowledgeable driveway specialists will be on hand every step of the process to offer helpful advice and ensure that the best tarmac solution is provided for your requirements. 


If you are looking for a committed team to create, install and maintain tarmac driveways, then please contact us.

Completed works
completed works by Ross Solution Projects

Please view our list of completed projects in and around the M25 corridor.

All works completed with an RSP preparation will be guaranteed for a 2-10-year warranty (depending on the extent of works taken place. RSP maintain the highest standards possible from the original site survey to the final minutes of work.

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