Types of commercial projects

An office and its surroundings say a lot about a business. Shabby and unkempt areas will not make a good first impression and it is beneficial for businesses to have outdoor spaces looking tidy and elegant, as this immediately puts visitors at ease.


If the area surrounding your business looks tired, here are some of the materials that could be used to make it look fresh and welcoming once more:


Commercial resin bound surfacing 


Commercial resin bound surfaces are an innovative surfacing solution that will provide the wow factor to anyone visiting a workplace. This type of surfacing is attractive, permeable yet extremely hardwearing and hugely versatile. Special mixtures and designs can be created for seamlessly embedded company logos, motifs, markings or street numbers. Areas and pathways can be coloured differently, making an outdoor space unique to a business.


Tarmac for commercial car park surfacing 


Often the first part of a business that a visitor will see and interact with is a car park. If the surface is full of pot-holes and they struggle to find a parking space, then this will leave them with a poor first impression. Therefore, it is vital that any commercial building has a car park in top condition – one that gives visitors a reassuring first impression. Having a smooth, accessible and attractive car park will show visitors straight away that a business wants to look after them. 


Commercial landscaping combining hardscaping and attractive planting


Commercial landscaping is a service that involves planning, designing, installing and maintaining an outdoor area of a business. Commercial landscapers put a lot of skill and thought into ensuring a commercial space meets business requirements and has a large curb appeal.


Not only are commercial projects undertaken to make a good impression on clients and visitors, but they should be used to help improve staff morale. This is because work-related stress can hinder job performance and even cause various health problems. 


Designing and creating a beautiful outdoor area can give employees something aesthetically pleasing to look at during a busy working day as well as somewhere they can relax and get some fresh air. An enjoyable outdoor space will provide them with an opportunity to relieve stress before it becomes a more serious problem.


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